Jack noticias


【Indonesia】Jack successfully settled in the city center of Bandung

Through the unremitting efforts made by Indonesia local agent, Jack successfully settled in the city center of Bandung-THE GREEN KOSAMBI,Denim Clothing Exhibition Center, on July 18,which is a big gift for Jack’s 22nd birthday.

THE GREEN KOSAMBI with a superior geographical position, located in the center of Bandung, grandly open for business on 18th July . In the opening ceremony, Jack Indonesian agent Mr. KASE came to the grand presentation stage to introduce Jack exhibition hall, hoping that everyone is absorbed in the the study of denim clothing production process and also can know Jack advanced intelligent sewing machine products as well. Indonesian five mainstream television reporters and more than 20 local well-known media came to have a live broadcast.
Jack always adheres to the customer orientation and design products to meet customers’ demands. Therefore, the customers are attracted by gorgeous, humanized and intelligent Jack products when they are stepping into Jack exhibition hall. Visitors marvel at its voice navigation, maintenance broadcast, one key to reset and can not wait to experiencing the Jack sewing machine.
As a leader in the sewing machine industry, Jack has also been committed to environmental protection and energy conservation.And Jack will be in the GREEN KOSAMBI together with Indonesian people to build a beautiful blue sky.
Written & Translated by Elgbert