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【Poland】Jack Chinese Agents Visited Poland

Local time on 13th,July.Jack company CEO Mr.Ruan and general manger Mr.Guo led Jack domestic strategic distributors visit Poland IMPALL company.

On behalf of Jack company, Mr. Ruan prepared gift to IMPALL. And IMPALL owner Mr. Adam also prepared special gifts for Mr. Ruan and his team. 

At this time IMPALL boss Mr. Adam introduced his company to us,showed the warehouse ,spare parts department and his company' exhibition hall,everything looks very nice.

On the second, Chinese Jack agents and Poland agnets held a disscussion meeting. Since IMPALL company had a visit to Jack company in March and impressed by the Chinese Jack shops,after that Mr. Adam led Poland sub-dealers made 40 Jack shops. They showed the Jack shops,and what kind of activities they have done to us through "The Eurasian communication conference ". It can be said with certainty that IMPALL and his team done a very good job to promote Jack brand.

At the conference, Jack Chinese domestic strategic dealers gave Polish sub-dealers award to thanks them for their contributions to promote jack's activities and the production of the Jack shops.

There's no denying the fact that " The Eurasian conference is very successful"
Written & Translated by Anna