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【 SRI LANKA 】Techinical Training With Full enthusiasm in Sri Lanka

In the late of June, Sri lanka’s Jack agents and Jack salesman visited market together, One of powerful sub dealer who has 10 showrooms and 50 salesman in sri lanka country. This sub dealer feedback to us, They have started to sell Jack machines F4 and E4 with large numbers, But they do not know much information about Jack company and Jack powering saving machines,They expect sales training from us . When we heard this requirement , Sure we cannot wait , We promised we can arrange training immediately to their sales team ,With help of our Jack agents, The training was opening on 14th,July.
We invited their all staff who is in attached to sales department, 50 staff members including their directors participated for the event,  This training was lasted 3 hour exclusive Jack machines training program, We strictly focused on areas to develop and familiar Jack brand in the dealer staff, Within this three hour we addressed introduction of Jack company, a achievements that company has gained, then we introduced Jack F4 model, and 5 thread overlock machine, and then we address them to what are the selling points that can use to sell Jack machines to prospectors, (a complete feather and benefit analysis done with other competitors brands).
Most of staff persons having good knowledge of selling this products so we let them to raised questions that they facing daily life to sell sewing machines, that was very interesting and they asked lot of question from us, then we create into 4 groups and let them to functionally handling jack machines, and we could done a practical session, for them, that session also very attracted, finally we had a question session based on the  program we asked some questions from the staff and who given right answers we gave them some gifts in order to keep them continues enthusiasm, and finally we invited them for dinner arrangement, and personally create strong bond with staff members,
This training held successfully meanwhile lay technical foundation for future sales work, Thanks for all the support from Jack agents and distributors. 
Written & Translated by Abby