Jack noticias


【Vietnam】Let’s go! There is a solo exhibition of Jack!

With the fast development of Jack sewing machine in Vietnam market, there is an increasing number of Jack dealers who would like to promote Jack machines by doing activities.

This solo exhibition is the first activity that we do in middle city of Vietnam. Jack dealer and Jack staffs united as one and worked very hard before the exhibition. We visited and invited the customers as much as we can;we put many posters on the streets; we arranged very carefully for every cor nor of the show room;we prepared gifts for customers...We had faith in the exhibition!

No pains, no gains. We received about 100 customers during the three-day solo exhibition. They were attracted by the new appearance of Jack machines. They listened to our introduction very carefully.Many of them said that they are going to open new garment factory and Jack will be their first choice!

This first solo exhibition well finished.Jack is more famous after this exhibition. 

Written & Translated by Eileen